Center for Special Education Delhi

Center for Special Education

  • An academic group which follows the programme of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
  • The Functional Education Programme - Skill training. Environmental awareness, Time management, Basic literacy,
        programme for teaching money skills.
  • A well planned programme for challenged individuals to train them in self care, social interaction, communication
        and self reliance.
  • Full time Occupational Therapy for disabled adults to assess the child's profile, implement training for
        Activities of daily living, Sensory integration, Muscle re-education techniques.
  • Physiotherapist to assess the physician profile, implement exercises for balance and gait training, refer for
        associate devices.
  • The Speech Therapy for Learning Disabled Child and language trainer, apart from stimulating and
        developing language also works on the feeding programme and pre-speech activities.
  • Sports, music, drama, dance, art and co-curricular activities are integral part of the school beside academics
        and therapeutics.