About Koshish Special School

About Us

Koshish Special School for disabled child in Delhi endeavors to benefit the differently able children with special requirements. We are a non-governmental organization and also a day school with day boarding facility, running by Umrao Singh Educational Society.

The major objective is to propound a quality life to the children with Autism, mental deceleration, Cerebral palsy, multiple handicaps, hearing impairment and other neurological conditions through our educational and rehabilitation services.

Our mission is to provide such children a great opportunity to enhance their present and future, make them competent to tackle every kind of situation and offer a better society where they’ll be accepted with their special abilities.

Our Objectives:

  • To develop skills in education, management, training and for gainful employment of disabled individuals in all spheres of life and in any environment.
  • To empower families and professionals with knowledge for better service and legal provisions.
  • To generate awareness solicit sustained support through capacity building, networking, advocacy and campaigns aimed at all concerned.
  • To contribute to the knowledge and develop evidence on the issue of disability through continuous research.

Challenges at Koshish:

  • Koshish is non-aided, non-government organization
  • Proper market and more buyers for sale of vocational items are required.
  • Need for more sponsors to reduce financial burden on poor parents.
  • Lack of funds to have our own land & building.

To build up a special care School for Mentally Challenged in Delhi with more facilities to aid the children with special needs and also to empower their families, your help is very crucial for us. We believe that a little help can do many wonders and your little donation will help many individuals to have an excelling life with broad opportunities.